Transforming data into unique insight

By applying smart processing and analysing algorithms we make radar technology available to anyone.

What we do

Birdsview utilizes Ground Penetrating Radars, or simply GPR, to apply radar pulses to image objects. The technology has traditionally been used beneath the ground, to inspect concrete, pipes, and cables. Birdsview has developed pioneering technology which expands the possibilities of GPR technology.

Making GPR user-friendly

Birdsview’s product is easy and convenient to use, no prior knowledge needed. From the moment you receive the sensor, you are ready to start scanning and utilize the results.

Advanced imaging

Birdsview’s technology enables swift data collection from a simple scan of the object, which is then processed with our unique algorithms to create advanced imaging for further analysis.

Automated analysis

Our solution enables automated analysis and visualization of data, empowering customers to make data-driven decisions and increase operational efficiency.

The Power of GPR

GPR signals are reflected differently based on the characteristics of the material reflecting the signal. With advanced algorithms, these differences can be analyzed in order to classify different materials from each other and provide unlimited information on the object inspected.

The technology is non-destructive. In addition, there are no health hazards using the GPR – it is completely safe to use. 

Even though GPR is an advanced technology, it can be made as small and lightweight sensors – making the technology easy to operate and applicable for many use cases.

What we do differently

Even though GPR technology is powerful, there are traditionally some limitations that prevent the full potential of GPR from being unleashed. Birdsview’s technology solve these challenges.

From data to image

Expertise in radar analysis and signal interpretation is often required to make sense of raw data from GPR. Complex data plots must be interpreted to image what one is looking at – and this is often difficult and time-consuming. We solve this by automating the interpretation of data using our algorithms, so that anyone can create images of the data.

From image to understanding

Once the raw data is processed and a successful imaging is available, the next step is to understand what the image implies. Materials must be classified and the effects of anomalies must be understood to evaluate the integrity of the object being evaluated. This is a very complex operation. Our software automates this process, so that the results are easy to read and understand.

Our products harness the power of GPR

Meet Birdview Inspect

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