Unveiling the Unseen with AI

We make advanced technology accessible for everyone, to extend the lifespan of critical infrastructure, making the most of precious resources while minimizing cost and environmental impact

About us

Birdsview is a Norwegian tech company, with the goal of preserving infrastructure for a sustainable and secure future. 

Infrastructure is one of society’s most important assets, the buildings we live and work in, the bridges we cross, and the power grid that provides us with electricity. These structures are aging rapidly, and solutions that can help us preserve and secure critical infrastructure are needed now more than ever. 

To achieve this we have developed state-of-the-art AI algorithms to analyze sensor data and instantly transform it into clear visualizations, making interpretation easy regardless of technical expertise.

What we do

Better data.
Better decisions.

Our solutions collect objective and accurate data in an intuitive way. Our non-destructive sensors and smart algorithms ensures in-depth understanding of the assets inspected.

Automated analysis.
Available on site.

Our algorithms visualize and classify anomalies and damages, analyzing how the results affect the strength and expected lifetime of the asset.


Be proactive.
Unleash the potential in data.

Our platforms accumulate data and view them in combination of other data from other sources, in order to monitor how the structural integrity develops and predict how it will evolve in the future.

Business areas

Utility poles and wooden constructions

We have unique solutions to assess, monitor and predict the health of wooden infrastructures. Our product provides accurate and objective information in a user friendly and efficient manner – enabling better and safer decisions. 

Concrete buildings and rebars

Our non-destructive technology enables efficient mapping of cracks, air pockets and weakened rebars. We provide unique insight into the structural integrity of concrete structures – so that their lifetime can be maximised.

Underground cables and pipelines

Map underground cables and pipelines with our advanced technology. Our sensors and smart algorithms enables a clear visualisation on subsurface conditions – at all depths and in high resolution. 

Meet Birdview Inspect

A holistic solution for condition assessment of critical infrastructure.

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What is the health of your assets?

We transform data into unique insight. 

Let us help you assess, monitor and predict the health of your assets – and discover the power of knowing!